Book of the Month!

Now that school is out I’ve had more time to get back into reading for fun, and have found some awesome books while doing so. The first book I read this month is “The Power of Habit- Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg. Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been falling out of my “healthy lifestyle” routine such as making excuses for skipping the gym and not making the best food choices. As much as I wanted to correct old routines, I also wanted to find ways to successfully create new ones, like saving money better. This book has helped me with inspiration and knowledge in both areas.

This book has a scientific element that explains how our brain processes different scenarios and how our actions from these form a habit – sometimes good and sometimes bad. I thought it was very well written by going into detail so the reader can fully understand the habit process without becoming too high of a level to follow. Not only did I learn about how I can create better habits, but it was also a fun read that opened to my eyes to the marketing side of the business world. It is amazing how some companies have placed certain products to work within our natural habits. Fun fact, Cinnabon purposely never puts their stores in the food court because they want their delicious (and taunting) smell to stand out to shoppers when walking by. Shoppers are cued by the smell to indulge in this sweet treat and as a result sales go up for Cinnabon. Tricky tricky.

Read it for yourself! You can buy the book .

Happy reading!

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